Guys do you really like to hang out with girls?

I mean if you had to choose between going on a date/spend time with your girlfriend or hanging out with your guy friends..what would you choose?

Is it normal when a guy spends more time outdoors with his friends than with you? How to keep his interest? :(


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  • The younger we are, the more likely we will still be trying to make a lot of time for our friends. The good news for you is that it will eventually change as he settles in with you and his friends settle in with their partners...The bad news is that he will always be around in the future, and you might wish his friends were around to take him off your hands once in a while.

    But yes, I very much like to hang out with girls. They are more enjoyable at every level except that she's not like hanging out with a guy - doing guy stuff and likely won't provide competition in whatever I like to do...

    Girls are more fun mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  • When a girl asks, "if you *had* to choose between me and your friends", that's the start of a no-win conversation for me, and possibly a way for her to provoke a stupid argument.


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