Texting as A different person?

So I texted a friend (when I first got her number) and she didn't know it was me. As a joke she asked if I was a hot guy and I said yes, thinking she knew it was really me. This went on a little while and we talked and stuff. The next day I found out she didn't know it was me and thought an actual guy was texting her. I don't know why but I didn't tell her it was me. Now we've been texting awhile. I can't bring myself to tell her now because this is the only way I've ever been able to hold a meaningful conversation with someone. I'm not an open person and behind this barrier I feel like I can talk. Now though, she's determined to figure out who this guy is. I don't know what to do... If I tell her it's me she'll be so angry and hurt ( she's starting to fall for this "guy") but if she finds out first...


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  • you should tell her
    it will b easier that way
    also im also like that and would have convos with u whenever if u wanted


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