Kiss on a first date?

Guys--- Do you want to kiss on the first date? If she doesn't kiss you, will you look more forward to a second date?


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  • Guys are always up for a kiss I think. But, I don't expect it...

    I think I'd look more forward to the second date if there is a kiss on the first, because then the interest is verified and I know I'm not chasing shadows.

    • I guess I'm just having a hard time understanding the "chase". What's too much? Do you want to know I'm interested? Do you not?

    • No one prefers to chase...everyone prefers to be chased ! So, it is always great to know you are interested. The only thing about too much is appearing clingy...but for most guys a kiss means nothing on this subject. Clingy is just not giving him space and constantly trying to communicate with him early in the dating game. I personally go by contact every 24 hours...48 tops...anything more or less is bad imo.

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