How did dating him go from fun time to anxiety ridden guessing games?

I'd been dating a guy for a month, and we understood that we were seeing other people. By our third date, he was giving signs that he would be open to an exclusive relationship. He said he likes to be with just one person, and that he really didn't like all this dating around. On our 5th date we went to dinner, and things were very romantic. I told him I'd developed feelings for him. I wasn't even asking to be exclusive, I just wanted to share my feelings. He immediately responded by saying he wanted to keep dating other people. I wasn't even asking for that, I was just telling him how I felt. So, we decided to keep dating other people and we agreed to get together again soon. It was kind of an intense evening, so I left him alone for a few days. Then, I texted and asked if he'd like to go out again in the coming week. He texted back that he had to see how his schedule was shaping up. He has joint custody of 3 young kids, whom he has with him 3 to 4 days and nights a week. He has been divorced a few years, and he sometimes gives me the impression that he is still reeling from that and isn't totally over his ex, even though she has remarried. So, we've been texting every few days. But, he hasn't accepted or declined my offer to go out! We just keep texting nice stories and hello how are you stuff. Should I ask him out again or wait for him to respond to my invitation? It's been 2 weeks. Why is he just texting and not asking me out? Am I on the back burner while he plays the field or is he scared to be in a relationship and get hurt again and needs to figure things out? He is a very sweet guy, very respectful and kind, and we have a great connection.


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  • He has a lot of baggage.. Not sure if you are prepared for that. I suggest you keep him on the side and pursue other more suitable matches


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