Why haven't i met his friends yet?

been dating this guy for about 3 months, haven't met any of his friends but he always talks about them. the weird thing is i've met his family. i'm a bit confused here, don't they say when a guy is into you he'll want to show you off to his mates?


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  • Three possible reasons:

    1) He waits a fair amount of time to introduce his GF to his friends for reasons that are personal to him.
    2) He is afraid that his friends will judge his GF, vice versa, or that the two entities are incompatible.
    3) He acts differently in the presence of his GF than he does in the presence of his friends. (ie. He wants to keep "relationship self" separate from that of the "normal self" that his friends know and love)

    • hmm fair point, so i shouldn't read too much into then?

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    • i understand now hmmm alright but im pretty sure his friends know of me though, id take that as a good thing then, thanks for your help!

    • My pleasure.

  • You're overreacting, but his friends are probably freaks and he's too scared to show them off to you lest you run away.

    • he does always talk about his friends though so i know of them hmm yeah i probs am over reacting

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