Girl with fear of commitment, what should/can I do?

Girl I was dating and I agreed to be exclusive, though she said she isn't sure about a relationship. I sense that she has a fear of commitment, and I want to know what I should do. Should I just play it casually and try to see her again, and just be sort of less serious about it, or should I just give up and wait for her to reach out back to me?

I really dig this girl and I'd like to at least get to know her better and see where things may go, let me know?


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  • Play it cool.. Don't talk about commitment for now. Chances are she won't date anyone else, she just doesn't want to make it official. You will know if she is anyhow. Be kind and sweet, you got to tame her first. Get to know her by talking to her and listening to her stories.


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  • If you dig her, be there for her! A relationship can be a scary thing to jump into at first. If you guys have decided to be exclusive then take that for now. Work towards bigger and better things together.. at whatever pace is necessary.


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