Does the guy I'm crushing on have a crush on someone else? How can I tell?

So, I've been crushing on this guy who attends this class with me. He's handsome, smart, interesting... And I basically feel like he's a little out of my league, and that I'm going for someone who is practically impossible for me to get.

Anyway, I started trying to get closer to him. I started talking to him on Facebook and he began acknowledging me, he sat next to me in classes and we talked a little, I asked him for help on some assignments and I asked him out for coffee (just really informally and all) just to discuss some ideas for a project we have to do for the subject we're taking.

So, the thing is, he's super sweet and all, and always really open and available (which in the beginning made me think that maybe he was also interested in getting to know me). But I've started to notice that he may like another girl... My friends keep saying that they always see him at the library studying with the same girl and one time she walked past him and he smiled at her and greeted her in a really charming way (not just friendly). She went to the other side of the hall and it seemed to me that it was almost as if he wanted to have gone with her but didn't because I was there with him.
Also, I asked him for some notes on a book I had to read and basically he sent them at 3 AM, apologising, saying "he wasn't home". I wonder where he was, or if he was at her house or anything...

I know this sounds a little paranoid but I don't want to start investing on someone who clearly has a thing for someone else; if he does like someone else, I want to stop this game we're playing before I actually get my heart broken.

What do you guys think?


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  • Your better off asking flat out rather than trying your hand at holmesian deduction.

    But does the answer honestly change anything? You two aren't exclusively dating so it's well within the realm of possibility that he is interested in other women as well.


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  • You're basically purposely losing yourself in a maze. Look, just ask him if he's interested in you or not. You can have sex faster that way too.

  • He's probably crushing on another girl and thinks of you as a good friend or a future 'maybe'.


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