Is this guy I met online genuinely interested in me?

I met a guy online and met up with him twice. The first time went well and he asked me for a second date 2 days after the first date. I was busy with school though and couldn't meet right away and he told me to just let him know when I can. One week passed and he didn't text me. I texted him first and he replied, and initiated a text the next day. But then another week passed and he did not text me. I was the first to text him to let him know I was going to be free the following weekend. So we had our second date 3 weeks after the first. After the second date I texted him thank you and he told me to let him know whenever I am free again. But then he just left it at that, without trying to talk to me more by texts.

Basically, this guy is asking me for a 3rd date but he never initiates texts or text me in between the dates. He can go 2 weeks without texting if I don't text him first. Is he interested in me or is he just keeping me around as an option?


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  • Sounds like he's letting the scheduling be up to you. He's could just be respectful of your admitted busy school schedule and doesn't want to bother you.

    • Do you feel that if he is interested though, that he would make the effort to keep in touch with me in between the dates?

    • Well again, I don't know your conversations with him. If you are always talking about how busy you are, I can see him thinking you're blowing him off, or he doesn't want to be that guy who continually texts when you're busy.

      Here's a way to gauge his interest. If you know you'll be free this weekend, text him today to let him know you're available the rest of the week... like "boy, my work is almost done, I should be free the rest of the week"

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  • Maybe he just isn't much into texting? I mean, he's telling you to let him know when you're free, so that's good, right?

    • But aren't guys who are interested in you will always try to contact you/talk to you?

    • Not necessarily if he's trying to "play it cool." If you initiate the texts on occasion to let him know your schedule and he still wants to take you out on dates, then I don't think you should worry

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