He never texts me.

alright so I like this guy so much. I've known him for about a good four years, and we went out once, and after we broke up a few months later we started talking again. then later we started flirting. But he goes to a completely different high school then me , so I barely get to see him. a few weeks ago I saw him again and I told him that I liked him and he said " I kinda like you too" and then we started texting even more but I'm always texting him first. and he says he loves me and stuff. but I always tell him I love him first. but one time I told him I loved him, I was like goodnight I love you and then all he said was goodnight. but then a few days later he said I love you too. does he even like me?

And another thing why is that guys rarely say anything in text messages like they always say up to like three words?

and please don't say anything rude



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  • You're telling each other "I love you" via texts and only texts? As stated you're only in HS.

  • you are young and immature.

    text messages?

    i mean, text messages?

    • Apparently you're old and immature.

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