What messages to girls respond to in online dating?

In my experience, reading a girls profile and making reference to it in a interesting way with genuine interest hardly ever works. I receive way more replies from literal nonesense like: Catmonkey line's the train's ghost friends today.
And girls always say they won't respond to messages that only say "Hey" or something similar, but they do... if they find the guy hot, of course. Do you just not have a sense of what you really want? Or is this some sort of game you play?


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  • If I still had an online dating profile I would only reply to attractive looking guys who have interesting profiles. I have weed out people I don't find attractive because chances are I have pretty good odds of snatching up a good one

    • What makes a profile interesting?

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    • Yes they do. We hate getting a "hey " or a " sup babe wanna get a load of my magic stick"

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  • Short and profile specific is all you need if she's actually serious about dating. Do not make out some stupidly long message to anyone. You never met yet. Most girls only have profiles up for attention so it just takes a bunch of messaging different girls to find a girl who isn't just using the site for self esteem.

  • They usually don't respond and most aren't looking for real dates any or so they say.

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