Kissed and now ignored? Help Please.

One of my best friends who I've crushed on for forever came over last night everything went same ole same ole but then we ended up kissing it just kinda happened she does have a bf but the next morning she seemed fine and left but as a person who normally texts me non stop haven't heard from her at all and she's not responding to anything do I just leave it alone? and if so how do I get it out of my head? ever since it happened it's been replaying in my head nonstop making it hard to do anything and even harder to just idly sit and she makes no attempts to respond.


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  • She probably feels really guilty and she needs some time to process everything. It would be good to jus give her some space. She does have a boyfriend and if she's a good person she knows she has to tell him. She will figure out what she wants eventually, but just don't have high hopes because a lot of times they just end up back with their boyfriend. Be understanding, she will talk to you when she's ready :)

    • Thanks for the input I've left it alone and been doing all i can to take my mind off of it I guess she's prob more confused than I am =/ just wish it could have turned out a little differently

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