Is there a chance? Or should I just completely give up?

We were together for a little over a month. I met her parents 2 weeks in and they told me that they thought she had seriously fallen for me. On so many occasions we would lie in her bed together watch a film, and she would constantly stare at me.

Anyway, it's been 6 months. I still catch her looking very often, but last week she was incredibly rude to me after this night out. I didn't react and walked off.

I know the reason she's mad : because I hit my ex friend after he attacked me with a lighter and a spray, but I'm pretty sure he lied to her.

What I don't get is why she's angry and me but keeps staring 6 months on? I still like her by the way .


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  • I think you need to talk to her about it if you can. That's the only way to sort it out.

    • I'm slowly becoming friends with him again. Hopefully my ex gf will notice this and open the doors of communication again - because that's what we need.

    • I'm sure time will help with that, too.

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  • Sounds to me there's still some underlying issues here. Maybe she is upset about you hitting your friend and is afraid that you're this violent guy that she hasn't seen. If the three of you were friends then she may be conflicted on the whole situation. Talk to her. Give her a few days and see if she'll open up about why she was rude or why she is this way. Apologize if you need to.

    As for the staring, I don't think that means anything. People stare at other people, random or people they're close to, regardless of how they feel about the person.

    • The first part of your response I would whole-heartily agree to.

      However, staring is a MAJOR sign of interest... be it good or bad.

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    • Attractive girls can still have problems finding guys, especially since most guys your age tend to look for one thing.

      So we've established that you need to talk to her. Now find a good time and place to do so and do it. Don't wait around.

    • Honestly she had a whole horde of guys chasing her.

      I just hope that this "relationship" I'm trying to stablished with my ex friend will be approved with my ex and open up some sort of communication with her.