Should I continue to pursue her or stop?

There is this co-worker that used to really like me. We had a rift because we had an argument, which we would have sometimes, but we would always get over it. She used to call it "our thing". We'll this time she asked me for a ride home and I said sure. I have given her a ride home before. I remember the first time, she immediately told me that I could not come in. I didn't even ask her if I could. She claims that this is her way of taking her wall down with me by spending some time outside of work. I have spoken to her when she used to get vulnerable with me. Talking about family issues or her life. Anyway at the last hour we got into an argument and she said that she will get a ride with someone else. I said okay and I could tell she was pissed.

She texted me "that was low, you wait until the last hour and said you won't give me a ride". Fast ward a bit, I reached out and we started talking again.. Things have changed. She tells me that I will never know if she likes me now (it was quite obvious) or if we would have been a couple. He she wanted me to go to the gym and one time run errands with her.. She said I am not on that stage anymore.

We talked almost everyday.

Anyway just recently I tried to reach out to her. I called her and she said she was at work.. and then hung up the phone. I tried to show her a more vulnerable me. I called her today again. We spoke for a few minutes (she's all into work again). I asked her what is a good time to call/talk. She responds with I don't know, but not right now.

I probably shouldn't have told her that I got promoted. She went silent. I told her that next week I won't be working at the same location.. She asked are you quitting or assigned a new location?(she seemed very curious or concerned) I tried to call her when she got home, but she forwarded my call.



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  • Give up.
    She forwarded your call.
    She hung up on you.
    And she doesn't know when is a good time to call her.
    You reached out to her before.

    She knows where you stand. It's up to her now.

    • She has used to hang up on me a lot. It seems like she reverted to her old ways. She was very rough around the edges when we first started talking. She had a lot of trusting issues. However I think I will stop. I will just focus on work now.

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  • Well it seems like she knows that she got you hooked around her pinkie. Best bet would be to let go for good. Besides, if you continue to go chasing after her, there are chances that she will think you're desperate...
    Yeah, you should let go. There's no point of holding onto a broken rope... you should move on and focus more on things that matter, show her you've moved on :)

  • Yeah maybe she just liked the attention you have her. I would give up.


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