Ladies I need help with female interaction and I want to date. Help?

Hi, I'm going to start off with some background on me. I'm a 22 years old student, like to play tennis and go running, I'm 6"4', have dark brown hair, blue eyes and I'm in quite a good shape.

People tell me I look Ok and my sister gives me style advice ( she's a fashion student) so I'm pretty sure I'm not repulsive looking.

My problem is I'm reaaally bad at interacting with women. I'm shy and probably awkward which sometimes comes off as arrogance so I've actually never had the courage to ask a girl out so I've never been on a date.

Can you give me some advice on how to change my 'fear' of women or maybe give me some points on how to start talking to girls in class ( I never dare to sit next to the cute girls even if we are the first two in the room, embarassing I know)

Thanks Ladies I really appreciate you for taking the time to help me!!!


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  • Well for starters it helps to go to chat some of them up first and feel a bit more comfortable. It takes some guts for sure and thinking of something to say about class, but once you tell them a little about yourself and ask them some friendly questions to get to know them, you will feel more confident to ask them out. It is great practice to become a conversationalist, so you could start talking to strangers that you have no intention of dating to get a hang of it first. I think once you get over the fear of the first awkward approaches with girls, it will get easier with time and experience. Seriously, girls love to be asked out on dates. Even if its not from a guy they considered "their type" they will be flattered, and honestly most would give it a try to see if they like you :)

    • That's nice to hear about girls liking to be asked out. Now if I'd only learn how to ask if they have a boyfriend...

    • Yeah, you could try to be sneaky and ask them a question that would reveal if they already had a boyfriend. But its also not so bad if you ask them out and then they apologetically say they already have a boyfriend. I mean I think if you ask beforehand, they will already know that you are interested in them anyways. Its a risk either way, might as well be straight up which will make you seem more confident.

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  • First face your disappointments. Get rejected at the beginning. Don't worry, nobody has died because of rejection.
    Even the most handsome, attractive guys get rejected.
    So go to a club, restaurants, crowded places pick a girl that you find attractive. Just naturally speak. Nothing more. No plays, no tricks.
    Girls love confident guys.
    Or join a social clubs in school. Have some friends around you. It wil help feel you better.
    But don't forget. You will get rejected. It will hurt. Then, you realize, you are still alive. So why are you afraid?
    Life is shot. Don't miss opportunities!

  • okay.. i get really shy too sometimes.. and people have told me it comes off as being stuck up.. so like my advice to you is to maybe sit next to a girl you find attractive in class (if you are in school) and just say something random.. but that is also somewhat relevant to her. like don't say something about your family or gossip. maybe say hey do you like this professor? or maybe say… did you go to that house party over the weekend…

    i mean i like a NHL hockey player in my class and i can't even sit next to him.. so i know how you feel. maybe force yourself to show up to class like a minute late so you don't have a choice to where you sit.

  • hey, if it's your first date, date a girl who is even more shy than you, you will be fine lol


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