What is the psychological preparation before an interracial dating?

i know Interracial dating has been more popular, and I fell in love with a black guy, we met on the site BlackwhiteRomance. com,
Can we really don't care about other people?


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  • If I dated interracially and someone in my life cared about it (as in, they disapprove simply on the basis of race) then that person's opinion is no longer of value to me anyway.

    In a weird way they're just doing you a favor by voicing their racism. I always prefer that people keep their bigotry out in the open... makes them easier to spot and avoid.


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  • While there is no psychological preparation, or even social preparation, it is unlikely you will simply "not care what others think".


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  • I've only dated inter-racially. There is no real "psychological preparation" necessary, really lol. A man is a man. Of course some (racist) white people will look down on you for dating a black man, and some black people will give him dirty looks for being with a white woman. But others shouldn't be important as long as you two are in love. Just be sure to be a team and to always stand by each other's sides, stick up for each other when racist people want to throw in their unsolicited opinions. And don't let their opinions affect how you feel about your man.