When and how did you introduce you boyfriend to your parents?

I met a guy four months ago and we met six times and went out just the two of us twice. We decided that they weren't really dates but the next one would be. We chatted nearly every night and when I asked him if we are boy friend and girl friend, he said that we don't really need to say it but it just happens. So I am not sure if we really are together.

When I go out to meet him, I have been telling my parents, 'A friend I met at a party', when I usually say names or tell more information on who they are. So I thin they are getting suspicious. Should I just say a friend who is a boy and say his name? Or should I say I have a boyfriend when I am more sure of it?

Please tell me how and when you told your parents. Thank you.

Also I just started uni and he is four years older than me. So I am worried how my parents would think...


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  • From what you describe it sounds like the getting to know you phase of dating. Even though you and him are friends it could turn into something more. I think it also depends if you and him are kissing and holding hands and doing pda then I think it would be more then friends. I think it's safe to tell your parents that he is just a guy friend for now. Maybe as time goes on he could be your boyfriend. And I think when introducing a potentil boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents is when you feel the time is right. I think it's fine to introduce friends to your parents. Of course parents will ask a lot of questions which could possibly scare away guys sometimes. But I think you guys could be a couple with time. You enjoy each other's company and enjoy hanging out with each other.

    • Thank you :)
      I think we are on the boarder line of being friends and being a couple so it is confusing.
      Thank you for your advice.

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    • (Continued) My mum did also say to me before that we might break up and I think that she was hoping that the person would be someone from uni.
      He told me that he told his parents and they seem to be happy. They are supersticious and they are happy that our signs are compatible. I haven't met them yet but he wants to introduce me to them at a family gathering.

      How have you been? It has been a while till I replied to you.

    • Heh, Lol yeah it's been awhile.But im glad your doing okay and im also very glad that things are going well with you and your boyfriend. Yeah it's very hard to balance having a boyfriend and also family.It seems like time always fly by so fast. I hope your parents let you go on the camping trip.It sounds like it would be a lot of fun and even if you can't stay over night I think it would be fun either way.I think your dad might be the only one that might have a problem with it.Lol I don't think you and him will break up.If your signs are compatiable then that is good because you and him will balance each other out.That is cool that his parents are happy that you guys are together.I hope things go well when you meet them.I also like how things are working out.I hope this works out and lasts. How is uni goign for you? Is the classes hard or easy? Also thank you for voting my answer as most helpful. I also appreciate the updates I could imagine how busy you are.Talk to you soon.

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  • For me it was this is Emily you are going to be grandparents. . Then run !!!


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  • If your parents aren't supportive because of an age difference, that sucks. But isn't it their job as parents to support you?

    But if you're in college, it's not like it's really any of their concern anyways.


    I went over to my dads house for dinner and just brought my boyfriend with me. My dad was "surprised" by the numerous tattoos that Noah has but he warmed up to him over some wine.

    My mom I'm avoiding with the whole meet my boyfriend thing bc she's really traditional and probably wouldn't make it easy for Noah to want to be part of the family. She'd scare him so I'm waiting for a good time.

    • Ah, yes. My mum is actually 4 years older than my dad but they will probably still see me as a child. But I think they will respect my choice but still a bit scared to tell them haha.

      It's good that your dad and boyfriend are on good terms. Good luck with introducing him with your mum. Hope it turns out well.

  • I didn't tell my parents I have a boyfriend, my sisters did haha. It wasn't a big deal because they aren't too concerned with who I date. I'd been single so long they probably thought I was going to be a spinster.

    I didn't introduce them to him. They live overseas so I don't have to worry about that :P

    Maybe just mention to them that you're seeing someone. I'd say wait until you're more serious with hiim to introduce him.

    • Ah I see. You must be missing your parents.

      ah I mentioned that I have a boyfriend then mum asked for photos and wanted to meet him :P

    • Haha its generally far less scary than you anticipate :P

  • I've still never introduced my BF to my parents and it's been 2 years since we've been together...they dont know about him

    My BF still lives at home with his parents so I was introduced very early to them...about the third date...I wasn't introduced as a girlfriend cause we weren't official yet...it was pretty natural...just like meeting any other new person

    • Oh okay. My boyfriend is thinking that he should introduce me to his parents and I'm a little nervous haha. Thank you for your answer