Should i try to get at her or just keeps as a friend?

Ok so im a male junior in highscool l in 17 i meet this girl in August of llast year the beggining of the school year i found out she was a senior and was 18 (now 19) and im 5`6 she way shorter than me probably 5`2 but any ways we sit in a 3 people table we becomed kinda close with our table. Back to the point well I've knownher for 8 months now and were in march now and there's 2 months left of highschool any ways were pretty close and kinda comfortable with each other i always make her laugh she always say weird or a dork in a good way and occasionly tells me to walk her to class when freinds not (which is no biggie she probably just doesn't want to walk on her own) but anyways sometimes she would send me DIRECT MESSAGES on instgram about funny pics or her food and we would conversate for a while which i cool im not getting my hopes up lol and also i haven't gotten her number which i domt know if i should i kinda never flirt with her cause im scared that ill make it weird or how she would react but yea we talk a lot at that table and once i heard her say that she's tired of guys and is used to being single and that she doesn't have a type and knows what she wants just hasn't found it yet and that she's going to continue doing "HER" still some crosses her path which kinda made me not want to flirt or try and get with but recently i dont know I've been having this feeling and thoughts after 8 months of knowing her that i think i kinda have feelings forher allitle i dont know why after 8 months its weird but there's red flag she's a seniorgoing off to community college wheeres she going to meet lots people possibly the guyvof her life so why she want me a 17 about to be 18 guy thats a senior in highschool and also she never flirted with me usally girls CAN NEVER HIDE FEELIJGS FOR A GUY THEY KINDA LIKE and also from the past things she has said so i dont know what to do lol just continues being good friends or get at her?

Also im a preety smart funny nice respectful. guys so dont het me wrong aha anyas please help! I will appreciate it dearly thank you!
Lol typo *get me wrong


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  • Ask her out. Disregard any reasons not to ask her out, and ask her out.

    • One question i mean dont you ask out a girl if you at least feel or know if they kinda dig you if i ask her out would that make it weird? Cause I've kinda felt a just a friend vibe? she's never shown signs like flirt or anything

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    • I think thats what ima do ask her if there's any chance to become more than just friends but on Friday i know i have to do it as soon as possible bit i feel like Friday would be a good day i just feel it and hey do you ever think if they call your "friend" not "best friend" or "bro" just "friend" do you still have a chance or no?

    • Probably not, but you have nothing to lose

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  • Just go for it. Doesn't have to be much, stroll around the park or whatever, but definitely ask her out.

  • Like you said she is going to community college where she will meet a lot of people there is a good chance she might get another guy and forget you completely so better start now and tell her you like her.