Does everyone have a breaking point when they have to give up on someone?

Does everyone have that breaking point were they have to give up trying to date someone/get them to open up about their feelings, no matter how much they like them, at some point do they have to give up? and after giving up, when that person tries to contact them again but you're taken is it then too late even if you still feel something for them?


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  • With guys such as this, no matter how long you are with them, no matter how much you try and get to them to open Up and open their mouths, they never change. And that goes for their behavior, lifestyle, just everything. A zebra will Not change his stripes. It's both frustrating and mind boggling. So much effort and nurturing goes into This, with nothing in return.
    There could come a point when things appear to be moving forward, but then it's trouble in paradise again, and you're right back to Square One again. Everything is baby steps and walk on eggs.
    I just Got out of a relationship I had been in for over a year with someone like this. On top of his own mental and personal issues, I was confusing him about the Big "C" many times, and he couldn't breathe. He wanted me only for himself, wanted us to be exclusive, but yet, Nothing became Official. We broke up many times, took breaks from each other, for he needed his space as not to suffocate. There was a time he even left for his other country, leaving his best friend to do his dirty work by giving me the bad news, just so HE wouldn't have to hear me cry. However, he asked for forgiveness, returned to me, and things went back to---"normal" again.
    Men like this are unpredictable, sporadic, non committal and some even are emotionally unstable when it comes to relationships.
    With every time we have broken up or have taken this break, we always seemed to come back full circle to one another, but with nothing accomplished.
    This time, I don't honestly believe I want to try anymore. Most likely he will be texting again very soon, but why bother? It's pointless, hopeless, when there are so many more men out there with less issues, who truly have it totally together.
    I tell this to so many other people. Maybe it's time to include myself: Time to move on. xx

    • thanks but it was me who acted that way, not him... now i am paying the price

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    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand.:)) xxoo

    • lol... Coincidentally, how did I know this? He text me a Merry Christmas... I blocked him.:)) xx

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  • Yes, there is a breaking point. Just like a breaking point to liking someone, or getting over them. At some point it just won't work out unlike in films where there is none.


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