Does this sound promising, or not really?

Quick background:
-She's french, on gap year, goes back in 3 months though might be staying for another 18 months.
-Been on one date with her (ice skating), was great.
-3 weeks later we haven't been able to arrange a 2nd date as I can only make two days and she's been busy with exams and deadlines.
-Her interest seems to have remained and she has said several times we should do something again.

I've been given next Sunday and Monday off by work so I called her this morning and said I have both those days off if she would like to hangout then together.
She that was really cool and sounds good. She then said do we have to decide now? I said she could think about it and text me back, or we'll talk when we see each other on Monday. She said that sounded good and she'll see me then.

She seemed to be in a busy room with lots of people talking and she seemed to be trying to keep our call private.

-Could it be more that she couldn't concentrate and work out the finer details (like working out which day was best) as she was busy/distracted?
-She is interested, but isn't sure what she wants- maybe she's isn't sure she should date me if she leaves.
-She doesn't want to, but can't tell me no.

Thoughts? :)

Anyone else please? :)
Any other opinions please? :)


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  • She wouldn't agree to get together with you unless she was interested. It sounds like she might have been busy and needed to check her schedule--just don't let her keep you waiting until the last minute to figure out what you'll do. That's not considerate.

    • Cheers. It seems that way. Yeah I think we are going to talk about it on Monday.

    • Glad you worked it out. Good luck!

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