How to get a gf and what are the steps?

How do I go about getting a gf and what are the steps I take? Is getting a gf hard?


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  • Relax!!! We are not that difficult. ... besides what society says. If you approach a girl the right way she will show interest. Only if she likes you.
    Just be genuine. Tell her she's beautiful and start off with small talk. Dont pressure the fact that you like her. Just take it easy and see where the conversation goes.
    You never know she might not be as pretty as she looks.
    If you want a "good girl" she will be a tough cooky. But keep trying. And i dont mean by continuously popping up out of no where. Continue to be casual untill she shows interest, (make things flow). Now if she starts being rude, BACK DOWN.
    She will loose respect for you if you keep on.

    Once you have her number dont text or call the next day... just dont. It yells stalker and desperate. Wait a day at least.

    . But it also depends on how. much you connected, if you think she really liked you then yeah sure! Call her the next day.

    As a woman i think we all want someone who is strong and and dependable. Be on time, it looks good!! If you say your going to do something for her, do it! At the same time , dont afraid to be "human" with emotions.

    For some reason guys want to be all "Macho Men"... but once a girl is in to you. She wants to see that goofy laid back side as well.

    Of course you should already know the obvious- Make her feel special and unique- Never compare her, always set her appart from other girls...

    When she dresses up, exagerate just a little on how pretty she is but make it genuine. . Complement her... it helps!!
    -- For example if you go to pick her up for a date. When you first see her. Compliment her. And at the end of the date remind her of her beauty... stuff like that.. ya know?

    Like I said just be cool when approaching a girl. Whats the worst that can happen, her telling you "No"? ... as if there are not millions of other women.

    You will find someone, trust me.
    Just be you and have fun with it.
    Never give up. Good luck!

    • Thank you but I don't think I'm ready for this

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  • I'll be honest, looks do play a part and it make things a lot easier, but it doesn't mean that you could never get a girlfriend if it's difficult. Looks help make the person you're interested develop an attraction to you almost instantly and so if that attraction is already there, it becomes so much easier to get to know and then make a move with them.

    If you believe your looks aren't up to scratch, you get to woo ladies with your personality/sense of humour/confidence and anything else you can bring to the table. This is how the attraction develops over time and then you can make your move. To do this though, you need to be confident in yourself which can be difficult if you already have a low self esteem but you shouldn't let it defeat you.

    We are really not that confusing or hard to get though so don't worry!

  • first, go outside. Good. Now, walk around and clear your head. Now go back inside, and think about any and all woman that you may have seen. Did they look at you? After you have analyzed your thinking, go to eharmony. com, match. com, christianmingle. com, ourtime. com, or even farmersonly. com and create profiles and put in your credit card information. Now that you have profiles, leave them alone. Go back outside, and think about all this money and time you have wasted. Walk around once again, maybe go to a public area where there are groups of people that you may have something in common with, and TALK to a lady. You may find she will talk back. If all fails, go back home and stalk profiles until you find one interested in you.


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  • It is very hard. You have to impress someone then you have to appeal to their better nature and finally you need to get them to agree that you are worthy of a commitment longer than 18 minutes.

    The good news is that nature is on your side and created "horniness" to help you skip through steps 1 ~ 3 relatively easy depending on the target.

  • Its not hard but socializing may take some practice. Step out of your comfort zone slowly and you'll get there. It takes time. Maybe try a dating site. I've heard eharmony is good.