Will a guy still text you if he's not interested anymore?

So I met this guy and we had an amazing first date, I don't think things could have gone any better. He texted me the next day and asked when we could hang out again and I ended up going to his place for dinner. Now, I'll admit I was a little nervous because our first date was so amazing I felt like I had a lot to live up to. Also, it's been awhile since I've dated and I'm a bit off my game. I still felt like the evening went okay, especially when he wouldn't let me leave without kissing him... which then turned into a very nice make-out session. Now, where it gets confusing is over the next few days his texting was less frequent and less engaging. He also said he was busy with work for the next week whenever I mentioned hanging out and did not attempt to set an alternative date. He's texted me twice this week, but still not the same level of conversation as before. Do you think I blew things and he's just letting me down easy?


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  • txting, and talking on the phone are more enjoyable to women. it is said women fall in love with their ears. men perfer face to face contact, physical sensation.

    I get VERY bored quick with txting and phone calls. and thats saying something considering I work in the IT field.

    think of calls and txting as TOOLS to date. dont use em to "get to know" someone. thats what dating is for.

    • Soooo is he still interested? lol, that was my main question. I'm just confused because we texted constantly for about 3 weeks, and then after our second date things just kind as slowed down and he's reluctant to make plans (says he's busy), yet he still initiates texts (albeit very boring texts)

    • if he wasn't interested, he wouldn't text. if he is anything like me, he is struggling to keep up a meaningful conversation. give the poor guy a break and ASK HIM OUT. chances are he's prob trying to figure out if your still interested in him... so git off yer but.

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  • If he still wants to just be friends with you then he will still text but not as often since you two are not as close as you were. Just try keeping fried-like conversations going. You know what his interests are, right? So, keep those in mind.


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