How can I balance my work and a serious relationship?

I'm a management strategy consultant. I frequently work long hours, and I pretty much travel around the US most weeks leaving Monday morning and coming back Thursday evening. Is it possible for me to be in a serious relationship?

It seems like it is impossible for me to have a relationship last more than a couple months. I really love my job and it pays really well, but I do want to start settling down with someone within the next couple years.

Would you consider dating someone in my situation?

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  • Yes, but only if you start looking for something local in the near future (less than a year)
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  • Yeah i would, it would have to be with someone who has the same amount of work load though. Anytime there is a conflict of interest or values, problems arise. Just have to find someone who is on the same page as you, a woman who is working and naturally understands and who also wants to eventually settle down.

    My boyfriend and I make it a point to focus on moments and be each others best friend. We both share the idea that love is not possessive, rather encouraging, and free. That being said, instead of inputting societal relationship dos and donts, we focus on simply being in the moment. dealing with one obstacle at a time. We both work in the film industry, haha probably not as difficult as your job, but the hours are long. Nothing is ever set in place, When will our next job be? could be in Europe , could be here in america, could even be just down the street! Talking hypotheticals with each other, and we've both decided and calcuated all the potential relationship threats and gave solutions

    • Thanks for your response.

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  • It is possible but with your schedule you're going to have to be with someone who is ok with long distance


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