What is the right way to do? i need some guys to help me on this one.

After a great couple of dates, where he seems so interested and even tells me he likes me and how it sucks that we get to spend so little time together, he disappears.
I know he has a lot to do from traveleing a lot to school and exams, and all his conferences in different countries. I try not to be a burden but i do get hurt cause i keep thinking have i done something wrong? and i sit and analyze if there is someone else, what went wrong? it all seemed so great last time he was with me etc etc.

He wasn't able to meet me last time cause of his hectic schedual so i thought okay maybe he isn't interested after all, and i gave it a shot and asked if there would be a next time? and he replied with "there will be, just so much going on right now".

With that said i thought to myself okay i will give him all the space he needs, i feel like I've been needy lately and i need to stop and just give him space. So what is the right way? does giving him space mean, no Facebook messages, no snapchat, no text, nothing? No posting a lot of pictures of myself on Facebook , showing him im having fun without him to try to get attention?

just disappear?

by the way we dont live in the same town so its hard to meet him often.


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  • You either go out of your way to see him
    or you bait a hook & wait

    • bait a hook?

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    • i did post a comm last weekend.. he told me he is busy so now i need to wait..

    • Fine - post something else somewhere else, then find some fun things & guys to do

  • I think you should just leave him, it looks like a relationship where you won't be seeing each other often, and that can be agonizing.

    • Ye it will be if we dont live in the same town, so unless he moves here thers no point

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