What do i do if i miss somebody?

there is a guy, he was my best friend then things got really messy, like falling in love and stuff, so we dont talk but i miss him so much. What should i do?


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  • Can you speak to him? Chances are he misses you too, im in this exact situation, and you sound like the girl and i sound like the guy. Im sure he wants you to talk to him.


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  • Call him. Talk it out. Otherwise the next time you see him it could be extremely awkward. If you guys were able to connect like that you should be able to discuss it.

    • well the thing is we can be friends, but there comes a point where we hate each other because it never goes farther.

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    • not ready. but this was awhile ago...

    • Just need to take it slow.. If you're right for eachother there will be plenty of time.

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