Dating, how, what, why, who, and when's?

Why does dating have to be so hard? Texting, when to text. When not to. Calling, when and when not. Are we hanging out this weekend? Can you take me on a real date? Can you tell me your feelings? Let's not have sex, yet! Do you even like me? Are you dating other people? Why are you being such an ass? Stop playing games!
These are the thoughts that go through my head as a 23 year old woman. Why? Because it seems dating gets harder and harder.
Tell me about your dating situation, guys and girls.
And why you do what you do. Do you beat around the bush? Or straight up tell someone how you feel? Do you take you man/woman out to other places besides bars or restaurants? Where do you go? How often do you talk, or see each other? Etc...


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  • 1. It's the spice of life!
    2. We are hanging out this weekend.
    3. I can take you on a real date.
    4. I can't tell you my feelings. I will blush profusely.
    5. I can keep my mangun out of your holster, sure.
    6. I do like you. Probably.
    7. No I am not dating other people.
    8. I... Well I can't really explain away my behavior. I'm sorry.
    9. Because being 23 causes you to have thoughts?

    10. I like to beat bushes...
    11. I like to go to activities and hate dating at restaurants. From rock climbing indoors to bowling to whatever, anything but sit and stare awkwardly with no real convo.

    I did this wrong. I want a do-over.


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