Am I crazy for pursuing this girl, when she leaves in 3 months?

This girl is on a gap year from France, and returns in 3 months. There's a slim possibility that she's staying, though it's unlikely.
I really like her, and get the impression that she likes me too. We've been on one date, but time is running out.
I've been investing a lot of time into trying to meet up with her, and I set up a second date today over the phone.

At the same time, I've got a group message from friends who are organising a surprise leaving party, and another group who were talking about arranging a goodbye meal...and if kinda of dawned on me that she is leaving very soon, and kinda hit me with an overwhelming sense of sadness.

It's not that I'm not naively going into this- I know it will turn LDR, I've thought about how'd I make it work...but I feel like if my friends knew that we were dating and that I was investing all this time in her whilst they are planning leaving dos, they'd think I'm crazy.

Anymore people with opinions? Much appreciated! :)
Anyone else please?


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  • Leave no regrets.

    • Yeah It what I'm thinking. What hate not to try...just how far should I try? I've set up the second date, but if she comes out with a reason why she can't come...should I just say that the reason I want to meet up, is because I like you?

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    • Yeah, great advise. Would hate to be living in regret after she leaves!

    • Exactly (: And who knows? Some people really do well with long distance relationships for differing periods of time.When need be.(:

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  • Take it easy. Enjoy the time you have together and go out when you can. As far as the future don't worry about it. All you can do is try to keep contact and let her know how you feel. If it's going to work you guys will make the effort to do it, and work at it if she is worth it. BUT at the same time IF she doesn't want to or things kinda slip please don't fret about it. Enjoy the time you had together and learn from things and use that experience to help with the next girl. Just keep putting yourself out the and keep growing personally. Good luck man hope everything works out.

    • Oh and don't care what your friends think. If they are your friends they may give you a hard time but they will support you. If not it's just them expressing that they don't have something like that so they don't want you to either.

    • Thanks for that.
      I've had a sense that she's been a bit unsure about dating, probably because she's leaving. However she had now agreed to a second date.
      But yeah your right, I'll take it easy.

      Oh yeah my friends will be supportive, but at the same time will think I'm a bit mad!

    • Hey aren't we all a little mad when it comes to "love". Here's the thing you try and it doesn't work okay thats unfortunate and a little heart break but eh the pain will leave in time. Don't take a leap and well you may end up regretting it for much longer.

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