I recently went on a 2nd date with a guy I met online. He said he would be in touch, when should I hear from him?

I went on a second date with a guy I met online on Wednesday and I thought it went well. At the end of the date he walked me to my bus stop and waited with me until it came. He have me a hug and quick kiss and said he'd be in touch. I am anxious to hear from him (I know it's only been 2 days). If he is interested in me I feel like I should have heard from him by now. Is the situation and the frequency of contact different for online dating?

In addition, he seems super shy and awkward (in a cute way) so I'm worried he'll chicken out. I contacted him about 5 days after our first date to set up a second and I would really like him to initiate a 3rd date but I really want to see him again.


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  • I wouldn't be worried - but if he's that shy and introverted you may have to take the role of initiating dates.


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