Would a guy ever kiss a girl because he feels obligated to in some way, or would he ONLY kiss her because he wants to and actually likes her?

I'm asking this because I had a first date with someone recently. He ended up talking more with my best friend (we doubled) because they were discussing several movies I hadn't seen before. I was afraid that because I didn't have anything to say, he might find me boring, but he still put his arm around me and kissed me a few times during the night.


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  • Guys don't feel obligated to kiss someone so no he definitely wanted to kiss you.
    Some women use sex as a reward for services. More of a "here you go boy.." then because they want to do it. So you might see any kind of sexual activity as "obligation" instead of desire. (i am not saying you are like that, I am saying that women in general can view it as treats they give a dog)
    he kissed you because he wanted to. if he didn't like you he wouldn't have put his arm around you either.

    • Thanks. I just needed a little reassurance - like I said, I was worried early on in the date that I wasn't talking enough and was boring him, so the kissing and stuff was a surprise at first.

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  • He wanted to kiss you


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