After a 1st date what happens? Help me please im so in experienced?

So me n this guy started talking it went on a full 2 weeks a week of which he was abroad and we had non stop constant contact so we had our 1st date in Sunday, it went really well we kissed and stayed out really late, he text me before id even made it home to say he wished he could have kept me out longer and all week again the contact has been constant, i feel he's definatley interested things he say all point towards him thinkin this might go somewhere. We hadn't really made any plans to see each other but we both wanted to so i took the lead and said he could come to mines for a dvd or something. He said yeah he might he doesn't know what his mates are doing yet but it would be a good idea! If he was interested would this not be a straight yes? I feel so rejected my stomachs a bit sick :(

Guys please help me, does this sound promising or no? I feel wev clicked!


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  • Yes, everything is promising.

    You might want to know that 'come over to watch a movie' is frequently code for 'we're going to screw like rabbits' or at the very least get frisky like frisky people do when they feel frisky.

    If that wasn't your intention, whoops. Not the end of the world, just don't be surprised if he thinks maybe he's supposed to make a move.

    Try to relax. Its a first date. Unfortunately, its ONLY a first date. Sounds like it went well, but lots of maybe's before it is a relationship or anything.


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  • Yeah you're good. Maybe he'd rather take you out on another date rather than just hang out at home watching a movie. That sort of activity sort of says, comfortable lovers, not butterflies in stomach spring romance. So just say that just an idea, what do you want to do and he'll be fine.

    He might want to do the awkward dating thing a while longer. That's the best part isn't it?

  • If you don't mind me asking how did the kiss happen? I'm going on a first date and am super nervous... especially about if a kiss comes up...


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