Met him online. Does he like me or am I friend zoned?

So I met this guy online. We hung out the first time at six flags. I took my friend he took his. And overall had a nice day. He texts me everyday and now this time he invited me hiking and it was just us two. He treats me friendly, Now my question is does he see me as a friend or as someone he can possibly have a future relationship with? I feel like he can possibly be just taking it slow getting to know me but at the same time I wonder if he has already friend zoned me permanently ! Let me know what you guys think


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  • Not enough information. Do y'all kiss? Does he bring you flowers?

    • No that's the thing. But then again it's only been two weeks that have passed. No kissing no holding hands or anything like that. He has opened up with me when it comes to his family and his background

    • Well, I don't know what to tell you...