Should I invite him to my birthday celebration?

I met a guy like a month ago in a dating site. We have been texting a lot since then and we have a lot of interests in common. He is very respectful about sex (he isn't that douchebag that only goes for sex), but he'd mentioned something that he "likes me" (like, he likes to talk to me and stuff), so maybe he likes me, too?

Anyway, my birthday is in a couple of days, but I'm going to a bar with some friends tomorrow. I really want to invite him, and I'm pretty sure he won't feel uncomfortable because my friends are so amazing and funny (like him), but I'm not sure if it's a good idea as we haven't meet in person yet.


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  • At a birthday celebration with friends is not a good place to meet and get to know someone. Suggest you meet him one on one before inviting him to anything in a group. Maybe even tomorrow you could meet him for coffee or something, then decide if you want to invite him to the celebration.


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