Guys: Why would he text this? Is he guilty?

So I gained the courage to text my crush and even though our convo was shortbhe ended woth I will ttyl I gtg. So I said kk bye. Now a few minutes nlaterhe textsback sorry I have a doctors appoiappointment.
I feel like he is lying but anyway...
Why would he say that I said bye after he said ttyl gtg
Sheesh help!!!

Help whatt is going on
Is kk bye a wrong thing to say


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  • Your way over thinking this. Of he didn't wanna talk to you I dont think he would of said anything. Stop thinking ao much he means what he said

    • Your right but I just want to know why he said sorry after I said kk bye

    • Probley because you wanted to talk and he wasn't able to

    • Eh I guess he was being considerate but he sent the sorry message like five minuetes after I said bye. I was actually going to end the convo earlier but he did before I did.

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  • Maybe he doesn't want you to think he left because he didn't want to talk to you


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  • I think he was explaining why he couldn't text you

    • But why I was fine with ttyl gtg

    • i know but sometimes k or kk from girls comes off as irritated so he probably just wanted to reassure you

    • Ohhhhh ok ty I say kk in a friendly bubbly way. I know about the evils ofthe text k. Oh I feel kind of bad lol

  • He's being a nice guy so you won't be questioning him by telling you why he had to

    • I didn't really care to ask but I guess that was conscientious of him. ♡

  • He's just telling you why he abruptly had to go. This won't last because you're way too paranoid and unsure of yourself.