How often do you go on dates in a week or month?

I just recently got a boyfriend but only went on two dates, the first one just over a month ago.
I was wondering how often couples meet up in a week or month?
My boyfriend says that he wants to meet up and I say I'm not sure as I have a lot of homework and assessments as I just started uni while he finished his education last year.

I feel bad about that and I hope it doesn't seem that I am not making the effort to seeing him. We chat or make phone calls every night though.

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  • It would depend on the circumstance, but I'd ideally like to see a boyfriend a few times a week. Once a month sounds way too long to go without seeing each other, to me anyway. Could you manage once a week even? You may just be too busy for a relationship right now, which is fine too.

    • Wow, I would be scared that he would get tired of seeing me so often.
      I wish to see him once a week but I'm finding it difficult. And he lives a bit far but says that he will make the effort to travel to see me.
      If I am busy, do you think I am making him wait too long?

    • I guess it depends on how serious you are, but most serious relationships I see, they spend a lot of time together. I saw my ex boyfriend just about everyday while we were still in school together.

    • I would say whatever works for you guys is fine. Unless I were in a long distance relationship, I'd want to see each other at least once a week. Otherwise it wouldn't feel like I had a boyfriend lol

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  • if i got with the current girl thats into me, i wouldn't really need to go out with her since we work together. it wouldn't be necessary. i mean, yeah, we probably should, but i figure just seeing each other at work would be enough, right?

    • Thanks for your opinion. Sorry, I pressed the down button by accident.

  • My wife have a date night every week. We have busy schedules so we set aside a night for us to hang out and be together without interruption.

    • Aww that sounds nice~

  • I think once in a relationship, 4 dates


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