This is a question for the Latina ladies out there.How many of you would date and or marry a white man?I love the latina women.?

How many latina women like white men?
I know many that stay within their own culture?

I have had no luck finding a good Latina woman


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  • That's not true, I know some women who are hispanic and love to date white American men. My aunt strictly dates white guys, I personally prefer European men over American . Usually woman don't prefer to date hispanic men because they tend to cheat more and play women, not all, but some, are into machismo, which is just another way of "being in control", which is just another way of dealing with insecurity. They do cheat more than any other ethnicities, but I know that Latino culture in general takes things more seriously and dramatically, than Anglo culture, especially issues dealing with sex and relationships. Also I have notice some Latinas more likely to stay with their lovers after cheating as well, my mother is a great example.


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