How can I recover from a not-so-good second date?

So I met this guy online. We talked every single day for about 3 weeks before meeting, and then we had an absolutely amazing first date. We laughed, talking, he held my hand, kissed me, and texted me immediately after to schedule another date. On our second date he cooked me dinner and we watched a movie, then just hung out casually. I was a little nervous because of how great out first date went, and I was also in kind of a weird head space following some events that happened at work earlier in the day (which I never brought up to him). The date ended once again with us making out. Unfortunately, now he seems to have lost interest in me as he's very evasive about making plans. I feel like I put him off somehow during our second date. I'm wondering if there's a way to recover from a luke warm second date and get our attraction back on track.


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  • I'm afraid only time can help. Trying to 'fix' people's feelings never works.

    Give him time to work through whatever problem there is between you. He might just be going through something tumultuous in is own life; don't assume it's 'your fault' that he is being evasive.

    Sooner or late you'll no doubt cross paths. You should just be gla to see him and not interroagate him. He knows he will have to tell you why he pulled back.

    But let him decide when to do that.

    • I will never just cross paths with him... we live in different towns, about 50 minutes away.

    • Oh, then you'll have to propose getting together, maybe for a birthday..but try not to make it seem like you are pressuring him. Good luck!

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  • Maybe he's dealing with some shit too.

    Maybe you have bad breath. Could be anything.

    Give it time. If he's interested he'll get back to you. Kinda sounds like he's just busy though.

    • But even our texting conversations have changed. Like I said it was every single day, and good, fun, flirty chats. Now he barely initiates, and his responses are very short and non-engaging.

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    • Haha, I'm from Vancouver.

    • I have a friend in Seattle... He could use a visit. Should I put Vancouver on my itinerary?

  • see where it goes, communicate. Life happens. Did you express it bodily? did he ask whats wrong?

    • He never asked what was wrong... I was just quiet and a little distracted so I don't think I was the best conversationalist. For all he knows maybe he just thought this was me and I was boring. And depends what you mean about expressing it bodily?

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    • Yes but I just don't want to present like I'm coming on too strong though, or insecure.

    • didn't know asking questions seems insecure. I mean I should follow my own advice, but if something is simmering, ask casually..

  • How far did you go in the makeout session?

    • Just making out. He seemed pretty respectful, didn't even have hands that wandered too far.

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  • I know it's annoying just wait it out.

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