Isn't it too mean of him? Should I just cut him off?

I knew he has a daughter who he spends time with weekly in the beginning already and I haven't been causing any problems even though he can't spend weekends with me (Saturday is for sport and work, and Sunday is for his daughter). He'd spend mornings of the weekends with me if I spent the night before over at his place. He'd always drop me off at the nearest bus station afterwards and I'd go home by myself. I live 20 miles away so I'm okay with going home by myself since I normally go home in the afternoon anyway, so it's safe.
Recently he asked me to spend the night and he just told me that he had to pick up his daughter the next morning so we had to wake up early when he picked me up that night. I was woken up at 6:20am and I was upset, not because it was early, but because of the tone he used and how he just pulled my blanket and was like, "Get up! It's late!" I was trying my very best to control my anger while finishing my routine and change. I didn't even take a shower (he did because he woke up earlier). I opened the bathroom's door rapidly when he was standing outside calling for like the 3rd time because I was done as well. And all that was just 15 minutes! He probably sensed that I wasn't happy but he said, "Don't get all upset when you get out of shape and can't wake up early and shit!" I was pissed! How am I out of shape? I've been there and you know I normally take at least half an hour to get ready.
Then we got onto the car and he was like, "I told you we've to get up early already, so don't get all upset and shit. You're too old for that.", "I try to spend as much time as possible with my daughter when I have time, so you either deal with it or.. do whatever you need to do!" I didn't know a person can be "too old" to be cared and respected. Plus, it's raining and I've to walk 2 miles after I get off, he didn't even ask how I was going to get home. I feel like I should just cut this off.

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  • Okay i honestly just read the first and last lines but if he didn't care how you got home than he's selfish


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  • B^tch slap the wh^re.. than cut him off. Yes.