Is he interested, trying to use me or really not over his ex?

I have a guy friend, he has had a gf from 16-24 years of age. His last gf he was with her for 3 years, he loved her a lot &she cheated so many times&aborted his baby. 7 months after they broke up he had messaged me, he was flirty&trying to date me. I didn't like him so I would turn him down. Months went by&I started liking him, I told him&he told me to not get too invested in him unless I know he is ready. We hung out 3 times, 1st day he opened the car door, cooked me dinner, we cuddled watched tv, he said how beautiful I was, we messed around, no touching or sex. He mentioned if I was going to mark my territory w/a bobby pin in his room&I said no. He asked if we could hang again&I said yes. 2nd day, he picked me up, opened the door again, this time we messed around, only his tip went in but I stopped. He wanted to lay in bed&after he was driving me home&said if I date him I have to get use to him being weird. He didn't text me the next day so I texted him asking if he was mad, he said no he just felt bad cuz he said he didn't want a relationship&sorry if he led me, 3rd time we hung out, we kissed&I think he wanted to mess around, but I didn't let it, we cuddled a lot . I lost my bobby pin&he got happy I was marking my territory, he hugged me walked out holding me, held my hand while driving&kissed me bye. We text everyday but lately he hasn't been responding fast&he hasn't asked to see me. He tends to ask who I hang out with, if its a boy or girl. I met his dad once, he introduced me as a friend, he says I'm a friend, but mentions us "if we date" We only been to his house.

I don't know if he likes me or not or he is not ready cuz of his ex or he just wants to use me.


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  • seems like he has not totally been able to forget his ex gf...he is still confused..just give him a little time

    • I am its just my friend said from how he is being he only likes me as a friend and lost interest when we messed around. We text but he takes longer to reply and he hasn't asked to see me and we see each other on sundays. I don't know if thats a bad thing

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    • I was kinda getting a bit annoyed when he mentioned other girls though. I felt like he should keep that to himself. He texted me yesterday asking if I would like to go over tomorrow so we could watch movies and he would cook for me. I just hope he doesn't mention girls or those girls again.

    • you see..he wants to go out with you...maybe he mentions other girls to see whether you react in a jealous way, i.e:you really care for him

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