This girl i chase msgs me and calls me. But she dont reply to my texts and picks my calls. Confusing?

Why this girl i chase msgs me and calls me. But she dont reply my texts and picks my call. She knows i like her and i told her.
Confusing. In face to face she is flirty and teasy. Sits next to me and little bit shy.

  • she is into you. jus playing hard to get
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  • THAT is strange indeed, but people never fail to surprise me. Haha.

    Possible scenarios are:

    1- She doesn't pick up the phone when she's around family and friends. She doesn't want them to know about you/ask questions about the caller. You are her secret lover ;-) After that, she finds somewhere private and then she calls you.

    2- She received a stupid advice from a girl friend or something who told her to NEVER PICK UP instantly and that she has to wait for sometime to get back to you. She thinks by doing that you'll chase after her even more. Yes, she's playing stupid games.

    3- She might be very shy in the sense that it takes her so much time to come up with a reply. She doesn't want to sound stupid with the guy she likes. Sometimes they take forever to respond. This happens.

    When you're face to face, she feels comfortable around you and is forced to reply on the spot. Haha. Maybe you make her feel good and relieved, so she loosens up a bit.

    You can talk to her about that. Don't blame her or make her feel guilty about it. Just mention it casually in the middle of some convo you have. Smile and be gentle. Let's see if she has a logical explanation. :)

    • The thing is she told me tht her family told nt to encourage msgs or calls wth. So she asked me nt to contact her earlier. Howevvr she contacts me :-) why? She does it to infrm me whethr she comes tmrw or is she on leave. She knows i love her irrevocably. She is older thn me... she is playing h2g? Cause she tease me to see how i take but defendds me id sumone else tease me chk this

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    • :-) thanks will surely do w/o fail

    • You're most welcome. Good luck! :)

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  • Maybe she's bipolar, trying to pick and choose her feelings

    • I am really confused about it. Pls read my commentd in the above user

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