What is his problem?

Okay, So there's a guy about 2 years older than me and always says hi to me in the hallway. One day when I was walking to collect the pretzel bins he asked me out and he's one of those popular kids and he also likes to joke around a lot so I said no I'm not taking you seriously and when I went to drop the bins off at the office he asked me again and I said the same thing. So later I went on myspace and said were you serious earlier I couldn't take you seriously and he said yeah. I asked him about 3 more times and he said yea all three times. I told him that I couldn't take him seriously because he's one of those popular kids and he said o. So I decided to ask him out and he didn't reply and so I said can I at least get an answer and that was about 2 days ago and he still hasn't answered. please tell me what's wrong...what should I do?


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  • By asking you out, please tell me he was just going to ask you on a date. And not to be his "girlfriend". Because if he was asking you to be his girlfriend and even if he was serious, that's weird. You should be friends with someone, talk to them, go out a few times, before you start considering yourself in a relationship.

    Now that I got that out there, just because he is popular does not mean anything. Are you saying all popular people are cruel and jerks? That's just a very stereotypical outlook. A lot of popular people are amazing people that would never do something like that to purposely embarrass or hurt someone.

    So, by you telling him "I can't take you seriously because you're one of those popular kids", probably just made him think you might be closed minded about things like that. And it probably turned him off a bit.

    So what you should probably do is apologize. Tell him you would love to have another chance to make a better impression. See if he wants to hang out sometime or go on a date. Chances are, he'll appreciate your honesty and the fact that you took the initiative to ask him out.

    Sorry for the book. :) Hope it helps though.


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  • You should trust your gut - unless he shows other interest, ignore it. Not everybody who is "popular" is a jerk - you can't associate a single sheep with a herd necessarily.

    What I would do is give it time - ask him to go to a movie with you one night - if he says ok - take it from there.

  • He put himself out there to ask you out and got rejected, twice. Getting rejected isn't exactly a hoot. I would have moved on, too, at that point.

    Also, he's a 28-year-old 'popular kid'? sup widdat

  • Don't be so fussy ;)

    He asked you out two times.

    What are your expecting?

    Show him, that you take him serious and

    than ask him out.


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