He doesn't like me it is obvious isn't it?

Me:Hey Kyle :) Him: Hey lol Me: what ya been up to? Him: With some peeps, hbu? Me: Cool, I am actually drawing :p Him: Thats cool haha Me: yeah I guess (I kindof suck but w.e) oh, how was ptc did you go? Him: LOL mall Him: And yeah I went Him: I thought you meant where did I go Me:lol oh no :D and ok same I personally hate ptc... Him: same ughhh Me:yayyyyyy! !! I am finally done with my drawing... its ehh Hom: Yasssssssssssssssss Me: hahaha, can you draw animals like realistic animals? Him:I guess lol Him:I'll ttyl, I gtg Me: kk bye Him:Sorry I have a doctors appointment Me: No its ok :) good luck at the doctor :p Him:Ugh yeah

  • he is not interested
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  • he is being friendly
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  • he likes me
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  • he is being polite out of obligation
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Most Helpful Guy

  • B: He really has nothing original to contribute in this comm but everyone gets nervous & distracted when going to the doc with needles.

    Instead of goodbye, substitute more come-ons like
    get back to me on how the doc treated you soon
    I want to know more about... the mall trip later
    or other things he likes to do

    then we'll have a bit more substance to judge a poll like this


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What Guys Said 1

  • There is no way you can reasonably conclude he doesn't like you from that exchange.

    What we can reasonably conclude is that because he wasn't professing his undying love for you, you get freakishly upset because you're a drama queen. So anything less than professions of love, must mean he HATES you or something.


What Girls Said 1

  • He was being friendly enough but didn't want to text.. because he doesn't like you that way? because he was busy with his peeps? or because of another reason.. who can say? not enough info here to know if he does or doesn't like you. ..Enough to say he wasn't up for texting at the moment though.