Is eharmony better than match?

I tried the dating site and it was just a waste of time. I sent out probably 50 emails asking girls about things on their profile to get a conversation going and not one response. A buddy of mine said the girls are too shallow and that eharmony would be better. I think I did a 3 month subscription on and gave up at the end of the second month and they even gave me my money back. lol.

eharmony is a scam. There isn't any girls on that site. They never take the old profiles down and all the girls are far away. Like 50 miles far away. They give you a 3 day free trial and on the very last day that you decide to cancel they have a girl send you a message so you think you might have some luck, until you realize she won't respond again and you can't get your money back now.


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  • I think E-harmony is for people who are serious about being in a mature relationship, not just random hook-ups or whatever.

  • Maybe I mean people there sound more serious


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