What does his body language mean?

He pulled me close and gave me a peck on the lips & huged me really tight not around my waiste around my shoulders since he is a little taller than me and while hugging me he gave me a kiss on the cheek also the hug was really tight & nothing was said during the hug what does that mean? Was it like a friendly hug or something more than that?


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  • In America, guys do not give friendly kisses, even on the cheek to girls with whom they only want to be friends, so, unless it's part of his culture and he was raised around it, then he's interested in more than friends. Now, he not only kissed you on the cheek, but on the lips, so, yeah, he's interested.

    • But he's never hugged me or given me a kiss on the cheek. That kind of threw me off. Because we were only suposed to meet up and "talk"

    • I assume you mean that this was the first time that he hugged you and kissed you on the cheek and the lips, which doesn't matter. If he has done it, even just once, that means that he likes you.

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  • No, I'd say it was more than a friendly hug. He wants to get close with you, he wants to feel your body, he wants to become intimate, etc.

    • What about the kiss on the cheek? Why not just the hug & peck on the lips? he's never done that nor has any guy i've dated done that to me so im kind of wondering what that means.

    • Maybe he likes to be gentle at first. Doesn't wanna go right in with an aggressive kiss. One thing leads into another with everything happening gradually

    • he's kissed me before but never on the cheek but yeah i know what you mean (: thanks

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  • he kissed you.. is that not clear enough that it was more than friendly.

    • What did his kiss on the cheek and long hug mean though?