The difference between an actual date and just hanging out with him?

an actual date and just hanging out with him..

Without him telling you..

When do you know it's a date or just going out and hanging?


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  • Well. . I would consider just doing things like playing video games or going to the mall or a party to be just hanging out.

    A date takes a bit more planning, usually, on someone's part, I'd say. Like you go to the park, then go somewhere to eat, maybe go see a movie afterwards, that kinda thing, you know?


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  • Generally, I think dating means there's more planning and scheduling, and that you're going out and doing activities and seeing new places together.


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  • a date is where you two go somewhere together and just talk ,no company just you two

    hanging out is just wher you two complain aboutthings you odnt like and play games and blah blah nothing sweet about it,