What do men in general think of Americanized hispanic women (with certain values at the same time)?

Things that describes me:
1) Hispanic but raised in the US since I was 4
2) Atheist but do believe in waiting for a relationship
3) Not a virgin but have only been with 1 man and would appreciate a man holding those same sex values, not just any reformed pump and dumper respecting me for that (a total contrast to me in that area and waste of time) but he himself has to be that too
4) Will not cook for 10+ guests or your entire family; might not be an excellent cook but fairly average. I have no patience to be feeding many mouths. I have no problems switching turns if you're good at it but will not do it every single day.
5) Would like travelling
6) Overly, I'm not that overly traditional nor believe in marrying the first man I ever dated (and won't anyways) but neither I'm I a loose, wild woman that parties everyday (though if I'm invited to a party, definitely will drink but even drunk, I can still hold a conversation and not act like a wild idiot).

Forget something: I might be a bit messy but tried my best to have my room at least acceptable if guests were invited in the house. Not an expert at it either but either a total slob.


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  • Well I don't have anything against Hispanic women, in fact they're usually a turn-on especially if they have an accent. Not sure what the majority of men would say on this though.

    There are a lot of religious men out there that might not be with you simply for being Atheist, but there are probably more that don't care or are Atheists themselves. Most decent men would respect a woman with strong values in sex, whether she was a virgin or not. I definitely don't think most men (at least in the U.S.) to expect women to cook for big families, that's a really traditional view and a lot of men don't expect the woman to cook at all. Travelling would probably be something a lot of guys aren't very open to, but there are some that are of course.

    And I think you have good balance between the conservative and liberal lifestyle, which really is what's ideal.

    You seem like a very respectable woman that any guy would be lucky to have. Keep that sense of morality as it's a vital asset in life.


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  • Hispanic women can be some of the most beautiful on earth and I sometimes go for them but I lack confidence cuz I think most of them do not like white guy but I don't know for sure. I would totally go for you on every point and actually we have a ton in common. The only hang up for me would be the atheist thing. Im not.

    • I don't mind if he isn't atheist, just as long as he isn't a religious fanatic trying to convert me into his belief. Otherwise, it's ok for me.

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    • Yeah there will always people that judge for your beliefs or lack of it. I tend to stay away from them. Sorry to hear you encountered it on this site.

    • Well its not a big deal cuz I just don't care what anyone thinks or believes but I just cannot understand the insane hatred and why anyone cares that much. You seem to be very fair minded and I appreciate that. My point still was Latina are SUPER HOT ;)

  • I'd date an Hispanic woman. Americanized or not...doesn't really matter. Not a huge fan of them dying their hair lighter colors, but that's just me.

  • Your values sound moderate - a nice mix between American ideals and traditional ones. Based on what you have said, provided I am attracted to you, I would definitely consider seriously dating you.

  • Im mexican American and I know a lot of girls like you some dont even know Spanish. Its cool I mean its not a deciding factor

  • If you weren't born here I'll always think of you as a chunty. You're probably not Americanized enough sorry.

    But your values sound fine.

  • You had me at Hispanic and atheist

    • Yes, I'm practically the only female member in my hispanic family that's an atheist. There are a couple of atheists too but they're males.

    • Hispanic women are awesome and I'm not religious at all. That would be great for me honestly.

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