Feel like my bf cares about his friends more. Am I reading into it too much?

I feel like my bf of 7 months cares about his friends more than me.

He goes to bar/club on most fri w/ his friends. when I drink, most of the time is with him by ourselves. I haven't gone clubbing since dating, I sometimes miss the music and dancing. I once suggested my bf to go tgt. He said drinks are expensive there, it doesn't make sense of just us going, he doesn't dance. He goes clubbing with his friends, so I ask what he does during clubbing, he said to drink. I'm like "but you said drinks are expensive there, why not a bar" He said "you think I am dancing with girls at clubs?" I said I know he doesn't dance. He said "there're more than getting drunk to music, people go there fck other people. I'm there to support my friends"

The weekend before his bday, I ask if he wants to do sth on sat since he wanted to on fri but I was busy. He said not sure. Later, he drunk call me at 4 to meet him. next day, he said they were celebrating his bday

When he has a bad day and asks me to go to a bar with him. I'd go. One time I had a bad week and suggest going to a bar. He didn't reply directly but instead asked me if I would like to go to the tailor, go to the apple store and stuff with him. I went with him and after dinner we went to the bar next to his place, but it's full. He decided to go back home but I was like I thought we are n we can go to xxx (which is 15 mins walk). He looked a bit annoyed and grabbed a cab. After we got in I said we could have just walked to save money. He said "well we'd be saving money if we are not going to a bar" sounding a bit annoyed. When we got there, he got message from his friends asking him to come out to drink. He's like "wt? I asked them in the morning, they all said no." He was a bit quiet, but light up when saw a friend. I later asked why he'd get drunk with his friend but not me.

Most of the time during weekend/fri, he asked me to hang out very last min as if it's because his friend won't go out w him.

if he asks me to go somewhere or do sth with him, I would even I may not really like the place we going, I am doing it because I love him and know it'd make him happy. He say thanks but if I want similar things back, he would give me an attitude


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  • If what you're saying is true, his behavior is a little bit unfair. He sounds like he is reluctantly going out with you, and as your boyfriend, being in his company shouldn't feel like a chore.

    You should definitely talk to him about this, express your thoughts. Don't let him turn it around on you, it's not your fault. Expressing your feelings does not make you clingy or annoying, it means you're communicating with him. If he is unhelpful, then he doesn't sound like a very good boyfriend.

    • I don't know if it's just a feeling i got about him giving me an attitude if I want similar things back based on the above experience.

      my friend once pointed out maybe since he's from other city that he doesn't have a family here, while i do, and I am still studying so I got more time during the weekday, so I am like his company because his working friends aren't free during the week. Besides I once asked him why all he does with friends are drinking, he's like they do other stuff but with their parents/family/gf on weekend, so they drink.

      I don't know if it's just some mind games in my head...