Dating a Non-binary, Yes or no?

Biologically I am a heterosexual female. Sometimes I wear girly things and make-up, and sometimes I wear no make-up and dress in baggy pants, boxers and big T-shirts. In my mind though I do not identify myself as a female or a male... The thought of gender all together just is not there. I identify as myself alone. What are guys (and girls) thoughts on dating someone who identifies as Non-binary or "gender-queer?"

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  • Honestly I'd probably be hesitant to date someone like that. I'm attracted to a female personality, and if you're not female psychologically then I probably won't really be attracted.


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  • This is like something out of Eclipse Phase...

    You are ahead of your time. The technology to transfer our consciousness into new opposite/hybrid/neo/non-gendered bodies has yet to arrive.

    At any rate, I am attracted to women physically. So as long as you have a healthy female body I would be physically interested. If you did not have the biological capacity for sexual intercourse and child-birth I would not be able to date you (since I am interested in passing my seed the fun way).

    If this is of any help, whenever I do online dating I try to think of things I have in common with guy-friends while searching for women. If I can hang out with a girl like I can a guy, playing video games, eating pizza, making dick jokes, and farting, then I can probably live with her as a life-partner. That being said, she has to want my D because I would not want attraction to be one-way (aka I want her v but she never wants my D).

    So in summary: as long as she's like an attractive buddy I can hang out with, wants my D, and likes the idea of splicing genes with me to make new people, I consider her ideal marriage material. It's important that she be able to turn me on, though, because how am I supposed to supply the d@#$ if I can't get it up?

    • This response is fantastic haha

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    • That is actually where we're heading though, but we probably won't actually be there for a while.

      I mean once we start mass-cloning sperm and develop babies artificially with a 99.9% success chance, who the hell is going willingly go through childbirth?

    • @Mingtian, I can understand that the idea of a genderless body seems absurd to you but there are people out there who have such interests (I don't really see the appeal myself). Personally, I'd be more interested in having a neo-gendered body where I could have multiple penises of varying sizes.

      @Asker, I was lightly joking but kind of half-serious too. It sounds crazy as hell, but who knows how far we are from Ghost In The Shell?

  • Apart from dressing like a tomboy, how would I notice? Its hard for me to answer because I'm not sure of what the implications are.

  • So you are a girl and you like guys in a sexual way? I think that's enough really.

    I don't think that make-up and dressing baggy trousers and t-shirts make you non-binary though. To me you're just a girl who likes girl and guy outfits.
    Can you elaborate on how being non-binary affects your lifestyle or your personality and attitudes? Is it hobbies? Or things like talking loudly etc?

    • I have a preference for guys yes but to be honest non-binary may even be the wrong term.. I don't feel like a girl.. but I don't feel like a guy either but from day to day I'll go towards one or the other completely. It's hard to explain... but what I do know is that when I feel more boyish I feel different. I have to bind my chest up because I hate it so much and I don't feel like myself, I don't even act the same around guys but then the days I feel more girlish my personality around guys totally changes and I want to dress in and act more feminine. It really just affects the way I feel day to day.

  • Haha "non-binary". I've heard some stupid stuff in my life but that takes the cake. You're still female, you're just weird. Sorry to burst your "special snowflake" bubble. There is no such thing as "gender", it's just SEX.

    • You know, the way you put that really hurts. It's a psychological thing not a physical thing.

  • It's a tricky one if I would date her or not.

    • well what is a reason you wouldn't?

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  • You 're what i would call: a gender bender person.

    I think you would appeal more to the pan sexuals

    • For the longest time I thought I was pan but then I realized I was only interested in guys, so you may be right.

  • Well, are you attracted to men or women? That would be the defining factor I think