To all guys: are you annoyed that you haven't met her family?

hey guys, just wondering, if you're dating a girl, and she's met your family and always at your house, but she never invites you over to hers, and you've never met her parents and she always lies to her parents saying 'she's at a friends house' but she's really seeing you, would you get pissed?


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  • There are plenty of reasons why she would feel uncomfortable revealing her parents. This hold true for both male and female.

    Some variables here would include:
    1.) How long have you been dating?
    2.) Does he/she ever talk about their parents? If not, is there any drama/problems with their relationship?
    3.) Have you asked him/her or lead onto a conversation about meeting? Were they reluctant/short worded?

    If I had a terrible relationship with my mother/father, then I would be hesitant to show them to you. This is a tough question to answer, as all scenarios are different. Id start with an open communication, and get to the root analysis as to why this individual is not openly revealing their parents.

    • im the girl by the way , my friends say he might be pissed cause ihavenbt introduced him to my rents etc etc.
      we've been dating for 3months, the reason why he's never at mine or met myparents is cause my parents will make the biggest fuss and start asking questions, something i'd rather avoid. im also saying im at a friends house when im at his house to avoid that drama at home so like, im not sure, he asked me to go t his on Tuesday night and im like i can't use 'im at my friends house' excuse, and he's like why can't you just say you're at mine, so im not sure would guys get pissed at it?
      i mean imalways at his house and have met his family so im not sure.

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  • I would wait until she's comfortable. the longer you meet the parents, the better I learned..

  • Well, i prefer to ask her why she do like that, that should be because of her familly or religion situations !


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  • I had this exact same problem in my last relationship. My ex introduced me to his parents and family after only 4 weeks, which to be honest, I felt was a little soon.
    Then now and again he would hint he would want to meet my parents. This seemed to be a binding factor for him, on whether or not we would stay together. I said I'd never taken anyone to meet my family and it would have to be a few months before we got to that stage.
    There was that reason and then there was the huge reason that at the time I had no idea where my father was. My parents marriage had practically disintegrated and my mother was ill from stress and depression. Things were going terribly. i told him that things were a bit hard at home at the moment, but he still wanted to meet them. I just couldn't do it, my mother was in no fit state to meet anyone new.

    So sometimes there are just other reasons behind it all, doesn't necessarily mean they don't like you or see a future with you.

  • i've been going out with my BF for almost 2 years...we only hang at his house...I met his parents a week into dating...which I thought was way too soon...I've met almost his whole family and have gotten close to them...

    he hasn't met any of my family members and they don't I'm dating...but there's a reason for that

    • ahh okay well I've been dating him for 3 months, so not relationship just dating and i don't know my friends say he could be angry at me cause he's never at mine, and never met my parents and im always lying to myparents about seeing him so i duno

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    • fair enough then, alright ill see how it goes

    • good luck!