What do you think is really goin on?

So I met this guy online and he ha been eager to hang out but we hasn't gotten the chance to because he said he is feeling sick. But te only thing is he keeps his responses short and takes a whiletk respond but when we do talk it's a good conversation. What do you think is really going on


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  • so many negatives here. So many excuses.

    1- He's feeling sick. Well, he can't be sick forever. He has to act upon what he says. He said he's so eager to meet up with you. So, you must see some action going on. I'd say plan a date and if he made up another excuse, then he must be kidding.

    2- He takes too long to respond. Well, that's another sign of being not too serious about you. It's totally fine to respond late once or twice, but always? that's too much.

    I think he enjoys being around you, talking to you, sharing things with you, but he doesn't seem serious about you. You are a nice girl who's kept there as a nice option or as someone to reach out for when he needs a loving and caring person. A guy who's really interested will find time to be with you, will be SO eager to see you and will show up, will fulfill his promises, etc...

    I'm being honest with you. Try to plan a date. See if he shows up or if he makes up another excuse. He has to DO something! You shouldn't waste your heart and time on someone who let you live a dream then crush you hard. He gotta be serious! or agree to be only friends.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • He is most likely full of shit. The important thing is to always learn from every experience. Eventually you will be able to read all signs much clearer and earlier to avoid wasting your time with people like this. Good luck


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