Best Cellphones and Plans for Someone Who Won't Be Using It A Lot?

I only have a few people I want to talk to and text, but after awhile I get annoyed w/ using a cell phone.

So I need a smartphone/plan that's not expensive.

Is a tracfone android a good idea?


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  • I barely us my cellphone, so I have a tracfone, and I love it. They currently have and android tracfone now.

    • Can you get internet wherever with a tracfone?

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    • Nice. I'm going to go price them and see if they (walmart) has the android one in stock. :)

    • They have them in stock. I checked they have them cheap as low as $30 for an android tracfone.

  • straighttalk or ATT..

    dont use tracfone...

    • really? tracfone is that bad?
      do you know the average monthly cost of straight talk or att?

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    • oh. sounds good. I'm going to compare prices when I go to Walmart. I'm leaving now haha

    • give me props on here before you do please (As best answer)

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