Guys, you're about to hug a girl you like, how do you do it? And answer my example, thanks :)?

Would this be considered a friend hug or "I likey you" hug?

I came back from spring break and today I saw the guy I am crushing on. He came over to me and...

Ex: He put his arms around my shoulder/neck area and tightly squeezed me. My arms went around his upper back and my head was titled on his shoulder. Then he let go.


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  • Its hard to say for sure but I wouldn't hug a girl like that if I had no interest in conveying the message that Im at least a little interested. That's just me. I don't like giving wrong impressions.

  • hugs can be interpreted in many ways. Long hug generally means I have missed you but why he missed you could be because you are a good friend, he likes you, or he just likes to hug people for a long time


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